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NO MORE WEEDING~! [technically I will need to keep-up with it now...and buy a new 3-pronged garden hand-tool(I have forgotten the proper name...) 2 prongs broke-off...] I finished today as the Sun was going down. I will have to move my zinnia babies tomorrow. I want to get some portaculas (moss rose) & I hope that I can get some music-box petit sunflowers to start soon. I need to take pictures and maybe a small video soon. I love my garden.

I watched 2 episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" this afternoon. I really enjoyed it. Im guessing that either the first 2 episodes were worst with cheese than these 2, or I was in the wrong mindset when I watched 1-2 :3 I want to rewatch Kindred now!~ I loved the "Macho Man"/"Oh look, juice!~" scene! Also Angel is not as hot as I remember...actually not very hot at all...did the actor change? I will try to watch 2 more episodes tomorrow~

I am going to Greenwood with a boy Saturday XP Matthew Doucet that is; like my only local geek!friend. DDR ahoy!~

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