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Tarotx*yawn*xYard Sale

Ive made $12.05 so far & have just been sitting here reading. I brought "The Tarot Cafe"vol1,"Alichino"vol3,KKJvol2,&"The Book of Nod" over with me. Ive been wanting to read "The Tarot Cafe" for years & yet when I finally got the 1st vol I was too depressed to bother with it. It is good. Each chapter is stand-alone...with the exception of the damn cliffhanger at the end! Why did I have to read it when I am saving money?! Now I want to know what happened to the alchemest & the jester! I will have to see about getting vol2 when I get back x_<

I was thinking about the Tarot report I got this past Summer.I guess it came true in a way.I had Death,The Fool & The Tower if I remember correctly.I cant remember if I got The Priestess too, or if I am thinking of Neon from Armadei's HxH set-avatars.Anyway I wish I could get a love reading done D: Sarah-chan is unhappy about what she has to offer & jazz in that department...

Ive felt better energy wise since starting my Iron,but the pills are upsetting my stomach.

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