Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Weird dream...

Well I had a odd dream that seemed like a movie. Im not going to type-up everything, but; it was a time of poverty (which I typed as pottery). This widow was kicked-out by her family. So her & her 2 daughters went to go try & stay with other relatives. Since these relatives were well-to-do, the mother needed someone of high-class to escort her (because poor people werent allowed into the appartment complex, due to begging off the tenants). She found this Baron chap, and for $20 he would take her to them. Well after the woman and her daughters started living with the relatives, she was taking-stock of what she had managed to retain after being kicked-out. She decided that she had to always-"look after my mitt."-take-care of her girls. She went to check-on them, but the fancy&light gosimer(sp?) dress she had on caught on fire from a candle. Well she stumbled downstairs to the shop that was owned by her kin. That caught on fire because of all the wine in it. She made it to the bathroom

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