Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Oh me, oh my...

I want to say first that yes I was expecting PortCon to be expensive.Im not all "hey let me freeload!", nor am I mad about no more suite.Im just getting stressed about money in general.I want to help with rooming.Im glad for every thing I dont have to pay for though.I read the reply as a snark that I was being kinda made me feel worst.I think it is better that Kun's parents dont have to pay that much, and that they are letting me stay without having even talked to me, & they arent asking for payment.Im just upset at how plans got changed so close to the wire.I atleast have a nice $150 right now~ Im really getting to the breaking-point with dealing with my mom with it now though.It is a big headache. Now she isnt going to give me any money back.She said she was to calm me down after my uncontrolable sobbing.It isnt dire and it is "her money" anyway...I get my hopes up again.Things look ok then go to nearly impossible like a yo-yo.Im looking for a job for the next 3 weeks now.I also have a fund box.
Tags: portcon

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