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O.k. been awhile since I've actually posted a real journal. Last night I rushed to finish my math presentation (which I left way too long). I did my project on "Mathimatics in Entertainment" , in peticular video games. It only has to be 8 minutes long, so I just took a bunch of screenshots, and am hoping for the best with my Blender tutorial. I will explain how to make a simple model and texture/animate it. I hope I get my 10/15, because I am not doing the essay (it may be only a maximum of 500 words), because I am too lazy/anxious. I was kissed last night as if he were trying to drink me. It was a very nice feeling.

In other news, I drew a odd little comic featuring young Ocelot, it is detictated to G'Suprise if she wants me to post it here :P I have been drawing weird little doodles of her Gaia character, atleast I think it's her that I promised a art trade with oh so long ago. -_____- I have a lot of trades I need to finish by summer (mah mom might get rid of the internet for the summer).

I wish I could get to go to Anime-North.....I have like1/4 a Edo-chan costume. I made a crappy automail today. I am hoping to suprise Trevor with it next time he comes to my house. I will be all *snake sneak* I'll get behind him and stick the "sharp" (it's acually just cardboard) piece agaist his neck, and be all "Did you just call me short?", then I shall smack him with it and laugh. I still want to get a red hoodie.

my lovely automail

I wrote a poem yesterday. I will post that to, if anyone wants it. I am thinking I need to think up better nickname for G'Suprise. Anywho can someone help me find "Moonchild"? lol.

Anyway a nice long journal for yah! I might not get anouther one done for awhile. I hope I do though.

my lovely Minnow Tora

I still want Ed's hat......

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