Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Well my Leorio hunt didnt go that well. I tried on a lot of navy suits but the best bet's jacket was a bit big & the pants were a bit small. I will try to order the wig this weekend & that Waya shirt. Im still worried [but not as terrified] about my mom paying me back! I was expecting her to do so tomorrow but she would rather not. I even suggested part now & part next pay-day but she doesnt care...I am SUCH a idiot for believing her. Im all booked save for the ticket & shuttle though. I am going to try so damn hard to get atleast $300 in the remaining time! My birthday is soon though so I'll be staying optimistic till after that. I was hoping to have like $700 for this x_x; now I just hope to have enough for travel...*roar*

I didnt rewrite my beginner's today as all my studying seemed to leave my head when I left the house. I will study all this week and try again next week? I was scared Id fail and waste $50. I did complete Shun today though! I bought better pants[down to size 16 now].Im not making chain.

Tags: cosplay, portcon

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