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I stayed in bed till after 4pm today...yeah I didnt want to do that again...Well I had 3 hotdogs then biked to the farmers' market at Endless Shores Bookstore. I bought a 25cent shot glass~ I did want to buy a book on wildflowers, but I cant till Thursday. I am going to start selling a few things there. I can make some paper-quilling things and such. Im going to make a few hummingbird ornaments for next Tuesday! If I sell them for $4 I might make some loot. I also made a Toreador t-shirt tonight with a stencil I made. Wendy thinks I should make 2 or 3 to sell too...she thinks it is just a rose XD Im tempted to, just to see who buys with no clue that it is a vampire RPG Clan symbol...imagine *snort*I may also try and sell fudge and later make my damn awesome peanut butter balls. What else could I sell? I could maybe make enough for my bus-fare wit' it~ I would try again for a job,but who would hire when I plan to leave in 4 weeks?I cant even go and take the call-center training then not apply. Im sad/broke D,;
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