Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Well had a break-down after supper yesterday and was about to call Kun, but decided against it because 1) Im a coward. 2) I didnt know when Armie was leaving or such. and 3) I didnt want to intrude even more on their time together. I feel guilty about txting so much, but it is a bad habit & the truth was I was lonely/distracting myself. I still regret it though. Im not feeling good emotionally today ether. I was up till 5am in one of my "Im scared to go to sleep unless Im exhausted because I am afraid of waking to a panic-attack" spells. I hate that I suck so much.

Im really worried about July. I havent said anything but my mom still hasnt paid me back and I have no idea how I will pay for the bus-fare and motel and shuttle and taxi if she doesnt. It is very stressful. I am a BIG idiot for lending her money in the first place, but it was so she would take my dog to the vet, which she never did do. Claimed she didnt have enough money, eventhough I lent her $368. Bitch. I hope it isnt genetic, though maybe...


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