Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


I went on the bus to Greenwood(nearest mall to my rural town) at noon, dispite throwing-up a lot this morning. I had to do some errands for Wendy first--including picking-up one of my birthday presents -_-; I then looked in Hangers & found a camo jersey that will work if I cant get a blue camo long-sleeve tee in time. I then walked to Zellers & laid-away that 2GB MP3 player,& a cheap action movie. I then decided to catch the 5pm bus, instead of the 3pm one. I also bought a flowerpot & a hotdog&Coca-Cola in support of the Relay for Life. I saw a awesome hat(I have a addiction) through Dollarama's window & had to go in. I bought:a wasp-trap&a ornament[both for Juney],a pinwheel!thing,a AWESOME twin!revolver!suction-cup set,& 4 cheesy-looking movies.They are 'made in Canada'&are:"King Arthur;The Young Warlord","Mob War","Shaolin Drunk Monkey",&"Scandal Sheet". How could I resist for only $1each? Then I went back to the main mall & went to Roo's Playhouse's arcade(which has a offical!name I think).Cont in comnts
Tags: hockey

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