Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Wank -_- *Zzzzz*

Minnow was so good last night, then when the Sun started to rise she started acting-up. She batted stuff off my bed-side table into my garbage bin. She got on the shelf. She knocked my TV antenna around. She attacked my feet. Like she would wait till I would doze-off after getting-after her before she would start something else. Wank.

Sears has the shirt for Waya on back-order -_-* So I'll have to try and get one online now. Since the one I wanted wont arrive till September. I want a blue camo one now, and in L [or XL]. I need to wait till Thursday though, since I want to use my money to go to Greenwood this Saturday. I want that MP3 player & some watercolours. I also need to pay-on my Telus bill...

I did a mini Kio photoshoot yesterday evening. I wish I could post the pictures! Kio & lilacs is lovely~ I love the umbrella tree picture! Kio also drinks Tim's...

Tags: cosplay, kio

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