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Kratos iz Teh Sexy!

Anyway now that I've gotten that off my chest.....I GOTZ0RZ TALES OF SYMPHONIA!!!!!! Kratos is my sex monkey (O_o I don't talk like that..who's there?). He reminds me of Marth, who I find extremely yummy cute. Though not as much as I Kr0g0th_5? I guess I can use that with out him blushing.

title or description

I am stuck on the firery spot level. I should go off and kick the butts of some enemies first..with guess who? *dun dun dun!* K-r-a-t-o-s! I took a bunch of pictures (though mind not as many as LOZ)off my tv. The one above is the pet one. Pet. Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Made me think slashy thoughts.

BTW I love my new user icon picture thing! I want Edo's über sexy hat!

This makes more sense than before....
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