Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Well my bloodwork went...ok...The woman had trouble finding my veins so the needle didnt go in right, and it really hurt so I on reflex pulled away and thus it bruised and she couldnt get much blood, so the other arm had to be used. We just got enough from it. So I have a big bruise on my left arm and it hurts to bend or move it x_x 6 vials...I made my mom go to the hospital caf' instead of Tim's, as I was feeling sick to my stomach and lightheaded. I had some lovely hot chocolate & a lemon-cranberry muffin with a yummy icing-drizzle(like the kind on hot-cross-buns) on it.

After I got to go to The Salvation Army Trift Store finally. Waya is done, once the camo top from Sears arrives. I looked at the suits, but there wasnt a pin-stripe one that would fit my curvy!hips. I did buy one pair of pants that will work I guess, though they are darker than I wanted, and they show my hips. I need to know if I should buy a blue suit and be Leorio, if I can get a cheap wig. The suits are $5; $6 with a vest.

Tags: cosplay, portcon

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