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Dr.Solma is awesome. Though I liked Dr.Martin's instriment adjustments than being put in odd positions and my back and such cracked manually. Atleast she is a attractive woman. Still Im scared of having my neck broke...She did some scans to see where my problems are. I was also given a exercise to do with with my knee to prevent the bone from floating to where it does & getting stuck [locking]. It involves a pillow & a towel...

Im going for my bloodwork & tests tomorrow. Ive been feeling tired, very weak, my muscles ache, & I have been having dizzy-spells that arent like with my low blood-pressure. I just wish I could have some yummy tea, but nothing but water after 8pm ;_; I dont mind not eating, but I like having my mug of tea before bed! Im going to hopefully eat at Tim's [Tim Horton's] after though~

It's raining really hard, & I think there is thunder too. I think I shouldnt have put some of my plant-sprouts out, I didnt even see the little things when I walked down to my garden with a umbrella...

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