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[icon] Brewhah? Brewjah? - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Subject:Brewhah? Brewjah?
Time:02:43 am
Current Mood:exanimateexanimate
I know. Im a horridly immoral lad. First my Toreador, and now Christof. Giza is still a ass. I also enjoyed the "the she-cow's virtue burns, akin to the Sun" quote. I extremly dislike my Sire which is another thing in common between Christof & Zinnian ^^;

Damn! That Tzimisce was expected but damn ugly. Like she has fleshcrafted herself but she could have in the least fixed her one droopy-eye & her uneven kneecaps >_< My mental image of Tzimisce [ones that have fleashcrafted themselves] are of `alien` yet elegant beauty. She was just disgusting D: (she reminded me somewhat of Agnus Moorehead's "Bewitched" character...). He throne was nice though!

Cappadocians are too strong! I have always liked them more than the Giovanni, but them here remind me of Guthix druids-with the sicles-gone wrong. I cant get me and Wilhim pass them all. Either running or fighting. Torpor sucks. Any suggestions on what to do?

I want that sexy battle axe at the Blacksmith's shop!

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Time:2008-05-27 12:13 am (UTC)
I also enjoyed the "the she-cow's virtue burns, akin to the Sun" quote.

Me too.

Aww. I like Ecaterina. She's a little scary and unfeeling, but considering her [vampire] age, that's not very surprising. I wish we had learned a bit more about her back story and how she received that unhealable mouth wound.

Tzimisces have their own standard of beauty. :p

Fighting against the Cappadocians wasn't my favourite even though I adore them, but when you have one in your party, it's amazing. My favourite playable character in the entire game.

Make sure your game is patched. In the unpatched version, they assigned strength levels to the Cappadocian mini-boss that made him far too difficult to defeat. Other than the mini-boss, I don't remember having any trouble in this level. Here are some general suggestions:

-Check your coterie options. I've found that your party AI will use up blood ridiculously quickly and activate disciplines even when they don't really need them if you don't use the discipline limiting option. I can't remember what it's called, but it's under coterie options and it prevents coterie AI from using any discipline that is not on their quick disciplines tab (that area on the lower right of the screen where you can drag icons from you discipline menu and have them easily accessible).

-If you lack blood, run up and snack on the monks. Be careful, though; their blood takes time to revert to full status.

-Be sparing with your disciplines. This may be more my play style than Redemption's, but try to save at least a few bottles of blood for the last level of an area.

-Don't try to complete an area all in one go. I almost always went back to town either by backtracking on foot on through a Walk the Abyss scroll at least once per area, usually in the middle of the level. While it might negatively affect immersion and adds extra time running around, it does have a few advantages. First of all, I don't think it's possible to carry all the loot you collect per level out at the end even with your coterie maxed out; breaking halfway through gives you the chance to sell off the loot you've collected so far, opening your inventory up for more while also allowing you to buy better armour/weapons or more blood. Second, if you use Walk the Abyss, you'll arrive back in your haven and can character advance; normally, you can only use character advance at the end of each area.

-Choose one character as your main character and give them the majority of the scrolls and blood [although make sure each character has at least one Revive (I can't think of the proper name of it right now) and Walk the Abyss]. Coterie AI won't use scrolls, nor will they use blood other than the bottled kind (i.e., they won't feed on rats even if you stick them in their inventory). I tended to max out my inventory slots for my current character with blood and then redistribute it to all my other AI by giving them two to three blood bottles/packs at a time. It's a bit of a hassle since you have to resupply them from your own inventory when they're out and be aware of every coterie member's inventory, but I found it a useful deterrence to prevent coterie AI from using an excess amount of blood. I also like having the most blood in my main player's inventory since I tend to use long-range magic-type disciplines while my other coterie AI attack with melee weapons for major opponents.

-You can split up your coterie. You can also control their reaction to enemy AI. Use that to your advantage. The AI in Redemption really aren't the smartest. Especially with firearms. x_x I gave up trying to get my coterie to use firearms altogether after they kept trying to use rocket launchers at close range and ended up severely damaging themselves in the process.

-Never forget to take your coterie out of attack mode before you enter the main hub. If I could count the times I did that accidentally . . . Though you should try it once just to see what happens.

So yes. Those are my suggestions. Also, you can occasionally get better armour/weapons from chests in the area rather than at the local Blacksmiths at low cost, so don't rule out your current area as a way to upgrade your fighting equipment.
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[icon] Brewhah? Brewjah? - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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