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STITCHES!xMarshmallowxAnother Church Sale

Stitches,Clair's,& EB Games are probably my favorite stores. Greenwood now has a Stitches in the mall~ They had a store-wide sale when I was in the mall.I got 2 dressy tops[the red one I plan to wear with my white skirt&a floppy sunhat~],3 zip-up hoodies[2 are tartan with felt hearts(1green&1purple)&one is deep-purple with stars all-over],2 t-shirts[I LOVE THE PURPLE MALIBU ONE but I wish with all the California places (Santa Cruz&others) ones they had a Santa Monica...],&1teal heavy hoodie.I'll be the sexiest chick in Portland XD I looked for some arm-warmers at Ardene(sp?) but they just had wrist or fishnet ones. I bought some expensive pink JVC Marshmallow earbuds. They are awesome (& under 3-year warrenty)! Zellers has a cheap 2gb jump-drive MP3 player that I will buy before my excursion to America~Ive had mine since like 2004 & it eats batteries,has a cable,&holds 1/2 what the Zellers' one does.</p>

I ♥ goldfish~

Another church sale tomorrow to attend, though not as big as the Baptist one.


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