Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Je suis une petite Toreador...

I only just started Redemption and already I do not think I will make a very good Brujah. The nun-woman is very pretty! Im a better sex-pot (sex-kitten?) than "a man of God"...can I expect to be able to seduce these monks I was told of? I had monk & nun honeys in Fable...I need to develop a Herd in our Chornicle! I think Zinnian (who is liking to be called Alexandre again in my dreams) is new to Santa Monica, so I shall have fun gathering some darling club-honeys~

I had a dream about OOC [Im guessing] dev.He was adopted by this couple with a daughter named Penny. He was a vampire, but he aged(parts had little kid!dev,then teenager!dev...all wore the fab pimp outfit). He fell in love with Penny and the father encouraged it. So dev was doing math homework&the dad kept going "for a vampire,I think you would make a lovely husband for Penny" dev stormed-out&went to have a trist with the our bathroom.The townfolk found-out dev was a vampire and came after him with pitch-forks&torches...

Tags: v:tm

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