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Happy 5am ^^;

Yep I am still awake. I watched a Indian movie called something like "Little Devil". Followed by a mini-doc on the colour red...and one on condors with music by Blue Oyster Cult...Then I read fanfic till LivingHalifax came on. Then I watched Steven&Chris [Kun would probably like it! (Americans may know them as The Designer Guys)] which I have been watching as it is on before The Great Canadian Food Show. I like it but I am getting annoyed by Chris because at times he reminds me of Ken Kostik(sp?) from What's For Dinner? it isnt fun when that happens. I am now watching The Hour (which can be found on YouTube from CBC) and the sunrise...will I hear birds soon. George just joked about wrapping himself in tin-foil and cramming his cats in it to keep warm in a eco-friendly way. "Eh, what are you doing anyway? Youre just going to sleep on the couch."___George in reference to his cats disliking said idea. Gaven Crawford is sexy!~ "Noone wants to be The Captain. I want to grow-up to be mean."___Gaven


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