Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Clan Wars 18-05-2008 screenshots


I had so much fun at Clan Wars today!~

I have not played RS let alone been apart of a Clan Event in over a month. I recently moved from Alberta for college back to my home province. Yes I am Canadian :P [here is a map showing how far said move was] I was also stuck using 'Dial-Up', with my Motorola RAZR's modem ^^;

I saw a lot of new faces and some regulars~ I want to do a mini-shout-out to PenguinSpawn for the Void Knight emsemble; I myself am fond of Guthix's little defenders.

One of the matches was 6vs.23 and we WON! We are so awesome and cool!

6vs23 GO!~♥

I want to get a full group picture someday, but this is the best I have for now.

I took on a lvl.126 (or was it 128?) with a God Sword ;P

I love this picture just because of Pen's raspberry XD (also more of how dorky I am with the "C'est Moi" quoye which was typed in response to one of the opponent's "Camelot!" effects.

[[Here]] is where all 26 screenshots I took from this event can be found.

Excuse the spelling and such, as I am sick & tired ^^; *flees*
Tags: runescape

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