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W00t, w00t!

Well it decided to pour today ;_; we still went out though :)

First we went to a moving/estate sale. I bought a lovely-though common-clear Dominion insilator [Im also a ICON member!]~♥ I also bought 2 books (a Alice book & a old gardening booj for the Maritimes), and a little bone-china owl teapot.

At the Baptist church I bought a box of ShojoBeats, a travel book (picture of the beautiful places of the world), a mini!knick-knack, "Masquerade" by 4 women [sure it is a `romance novel` *cough*smut*cough*, but the concept amused me. A mother passes a mask down to her daughter and she does the same to her daughter and ect. The stories involve their 'adventures' with said mask...I think the mask should have a blue-light test...or maybe not], a thing to plant my ivy in, some tins, and 2 hotdogs from the canteen. I ALSO GOT V:TM REDEMPTION, "HAVENS OF THE DAMNED" & "THE STORYTELLERS HANDBOOK"~! Yes, I bought that at a church.

I have decided to have a nap before I set-up mah comp. I am content~

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