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Oh. My. Fuck. Major spoiler below the cut.They killed Worrick(sp?) off! And unlike with DelCo(sp?) on CSI Miami, the Sherif-demi-guy shot him several times. He was all "that's why you make a good CSI, you never give-up." Then he shot him repeatedly. Right through the window. Right through the neck. Dead. The water shattered and the arrow drew life from the Risk-Taker. Not a sound was spoken. No one was there.

I called Kun today like I promised. Full of win babe full of win.

I finally planted my plants June bought me from the sale. I must say the Forget-Me-Not looks damn good by the bed-parts. I hope it spreads and makes a good backdrop ^__^~♥ I feel better, but my throat and such is still *blargh* I think it is just that my spirits are good/high again. I was told this virus could last for another 2 weeks -__-; so I should get used to the difficulty swallowing @=3=@

"Yampire!" Im in Zinnian cosplay tonight XD bandana and all~!

The Shaglehod may be up soon!~


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