Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Feeling worst today...allergies and this cold has my sinuses clogged. It feels like there is pressure behind&under my eyes [woke-up this morning from a dream that my cheek bones were being fleshcrafted...]. I also had a massive headache earlier from the fever (only 100.7), the sinuses, and my blood-pressure was really low today [almost blacked-out from sitting-down on the floor this morning]. Im doing better now, but I feel so drained. I am finishing watching CSI Miami and then I shall crash~ [phone-hacks are sexy!]

I did venture to town though to buy the lovely wallet I-had-my-eye-on ['cat'+'lime-green'+'city-skyline'='win'!] at Cinnamon Creek. The RBC ATM also allows me to send money to my payees (I only have one --Much), so I put enough on my prepaid Mastercard to procure my ferry ticket (to Bar Harbour)! So I'll buy it either Sunday [trying to use a comp then to play RuneScape too] or before. I want to celebrate :D *dances & flails*

My Dorm-DamDep came today! [$117 due to my desk&such]
Tags: portcon

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