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These are reply comments for my lastest post to Kun and Armie

It is not letting me reply directly so this is the last time I will strain my thumbs trying!

Armadei: *badger, badger!* and a guy on TV just explained that a 'badger' can also mean a ugly woman in NFLD...and a 'beaver' is a vagina...o_O I want to and would love to be your Brat Prince! I just need a wig, a piratey/poet shirt, tights and maybe some faux-fur to be Fabulas(screw spelling!) enough. Im afraid I can only be Crack!Lestat however.

Will you be obsessive about me even if you are short? [and act like you want Black Cat's sex? >.> "TrAA-In!"]

Kun: I think I can maybe I can dye a regular nurse outfit. I need to look at pictures of her now. (Make-up is fun but dont decide to play with scalples and clamps!)

I want to cosplay regular Maron not her as Jeanne[too difficult! a bet awesome...]. Either her school uniform (the yellow&green outfit. I think I would just need to have the vest-thing and cuffs made.) or her pink&white jumper outfit.

Tags: cosplay, portcon

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