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Taken from the Ocelot fan

Take a paragraph from a song, any song, and use babelfish to translate it from English to German, then, take the result and translate it from German to French, and then take that and translate it back to English. Post the results. Boggle at the warping.

Gackt-Vanilla (translated) WARG!

should it be liked okay, too? In the night agitating, it is to so well also melt together is which you are, as that moves almost hips making me received used, you... my... Guards are

Gackt-Vanilla (translated) Original

Is it okay to love, too? In the shaking night
It's good as it is More You are
As those almost maddening hips I've gotten used to melt together
You are...My...keeper

I will probbally do this again. I couldn't really think of a song to do other than this.

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