Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


I staked-off where Im going to move/expend my garden this year. Today once I get dressed Im going to spade the grass off and remove the sod. It will probably take a fet days to finish. Then it just needs to be tethered(sp?) and more dirt added. Then just tilling & manure. I cant wait to plan and start my plant-honeys.

Last year I had a "Dracula" audiobook to listen to while gardening. I wish I still had "The Vampire Lestat" on my MP3 player (Jan-Ken)...Though it may be ruined by Crack!

June & I went to look at stuff people had out for clean-up. I 'procured' a little wheelbarrow, a fancy metal headboard & footboard to put in my garden & a damn awesome globe-like glass lamp-shade that I also will put in my garden. I stole the chain from it to use for my Andromeda Shun cosplay. The shade is amber-coloured with Greek-ish grapes on it. I love doing things like this with Juney~!

Tags: garden

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