Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

in response to Ritsuka!Armie

Finished studying, saw Armadeeeeeeeei's posts and decided to don my Kio wig and pose around. Not very Kio outfits and I put on my nightdress again so you get female!Kio (not that Kio doesn't have boobs in all of them) for a smidge.

I study lovely-ly at Art History~ [it was on my bed so it became a prop]

The result of said studying...


I has a Maneki-Neko~♥

Kio = sex-pot [I laughed so hard after the mock book licking...]

I'm artsy & *baa-shoooooooooooooo!*



Lestat is a Rockstar!



Before PortCon I need to wash my wig & re-dye it -__-;

Also notice the jar of Vaseline :P [actually it is used on my hands because regular hand-cream washes-off too easily when I'm doing art.]

Tags: cosplay

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