Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Took today off from packing or studying...though the 'no packing' thing didn't work out. I packed all my nick-nacks & took down some of my posters. My room looks bare now, and I'm goign to avoid removing what few posters remain until the day before I move.

'My heart' (reminds me of Erasure & also Roxas) & a stuffed lobster were some of the things I packed in the box (bubble wrap for the heart bottle).

Lack of books, doujinshi, ornaments, posters or AkuRoku (I had my Axel & Roxas figures places suggestively).

I decided to wait the weekend before putting my lights away [I also changed my calender (it was on February) and was reading about Mortis]. I'm sad I never had a poster hanging in this corner (I wanted to buy a Oracle of Seasons one...).

The clothes and such I have left to pack (not including what is under my bed & in the crawl-space).

The lights in the dark. I love my fledermaus ^___^ I also love the expressions on that HxH poster. Also behold how messy my desk is -_______-; [the massive stack of tea too]

I need to study most of tomorrow for my exam Saturday at 8:30am >__< I also need to go to school to get a tax form, and call the dentist.

I cooked food today :D I made sea-shell pasta with a creamy garlic, sour cream, and other spices sauce. I added the juice of my thawed mushrooms & onions to it so it cooked with that flavor. I then added in the fried mushrooms & onions to it and some black pepper. It goes with my; anything that contains mushrooms, sour cream, garlic, black pepper & onions must be yummy. I cooked a rare streak with a maple-bbq glaze (since it wasn't really a sauce) to go with it. I never liked rare beef until having Western Canadian lean steaks. Damn they are tender and delicious! I don;t eat a lot of red meat, but I will enjoy a tasty steak at times. I will be having the same for lunch tomorrow and the day after. *dances*


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