Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


I have no idea what is going-on the past few days but I have just felt so cold. Like I'm used to at times my fingers or toes being cold due to my low blood-pressure, but this has just felt so damn cold. I hope I'm not getting sick, because of moving and my exam Saturday! Like tonight I was eating some mini-raviolis(sp?) and the bowl was warm but I sat it down and my hands were cold still. I also wish someone hadn't left the windows open while I was out today since I had left my door open and no heat was trapped in my room ;__; I've been wearing my Canucks blanket like a cape all evening while sitting in my room & reading.

I need to link to this post by telophase  not only because it has a awesome spelling of Alexander, but it verifiably confirms that Andrei is also a football playing ninja m'wnah. Hey, hey Armie isn't that super-cool? *snort*

I spent $118 today D,: Out of $180 I had for shipping before I move. They have increased their rates -__-; I sent 94lbs today. I will have to pack all I can and then ship only one more box (this shall be a massive box with a comforter, my kettle and other such things in it. My arm is sore again and I should be wearing my braces while lifting. My back & shoulders are sore too ^^;

I don't need to buy any groceries 'cept for milk I think again. I bought somemini steaks to have for the next few days, and I have a few perogies left in the freezer :3 [8 days!]

I sent fox_avenger's package today, and sent Armadei's box!

I need to go have a shower now as I hope I can warm-up some so I'll sleep better -__-; (also my hair is dirty)

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