Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

"♪I need to take some lessons in salsa dancing, cause I can see I'm dancing like a cow♫"

Today I packed & packed. I had to re-pack the box I packed last night as I forgot the box for one of the things.

Behold Box-Mountain!

If I had stacked the other 2 boxes on top, it probably would have been as tall as me o_o; [5'4'']!

This is probably the heaviest eventhough it is the smallest, simply because it contains almost of all my heavy (mostly hardcover) books & textbooks.

This is the fruits of my labors; not including the box for alchemy_hisoka& the little parcel for benchiladawhich are down in my room. I still have more stuff to pack (including my computer >_<), but this is most of the heavy items. I have $180 to spend on shipping everything but my computer.

My back is telling me it is *blergh* because of the lifting and I tell it to hold-out until I am back in NS.

I also went to school tonight and collected my Drawing & Visual Fundamentals stuff. I need to get my Painting things & my 'egg drawings' next. 

Cost me $118 D:

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