Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Vampire Knight

When I went to download the Volume 8 special thing for "Loveless" I decided to download the first episode of "Vampire Knight" from Shoku-dan aswell --simply because there was a character that looked sooo much like Soubi (who after watching it is pretty-much Fighter-kun.). I had when I first heard of this anime dismised it as another poorly-done shojo, probably with a 'Mary-Sue'-type lead.



This is very awesome. The main character is a very level-headed and not-weak young-lady. She reminds me of Maron (KKJ) in a way, though she is more like a mix of Haruhi (Ouran) & Ruka ("DN Angel").


There is also a sexy male character named Zero. I have a thing for white-haired gun-weilding tough/stand-offish characters --often seen in my fangirling over Dante (DMC).


I shall be watching this as it is released :D [and I really want to follow Zero's story]

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