Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Caleb Miles

I was trying to find my coordinates again. I did a search on MapRama and such and find nothing. Finally I searched "Brickyard Road Nova Scotia" on Google. I found that someguy had a album called "Brickyard Road" and resided in Bridgetown.

I went to his MySpace.

The picture on the cover is just down at 'The Duck Pond'. If the picture showed just a bit further up the road you could see my house. Like if you were standing where the telephone-pole is you could see our farm in the direction of the woods.

To prove that I do infact live on said road I will also say that the first drive-way (with the mailbox) belongs to a woman named Pat. The drive-way next to the telephone-pole belongs to Rodney Gillis. The blue building belongs to Stevie.

I see that he preforms Sundays at 'The End of The Line Pub' which is at the begining of the Brickyard Road. I may just pop-in and watch him someday. I will be buying his CD though.

Tags: bridgetown

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