Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

I love the green-haired guy~

Added 7 new Kio user-pictures (and deleted 2). [will I ever use all of them? Must be over 30 now...(out of my last 10 entries 7 have used Kio user-pictures...]


I can't wait for the Volume 8 special part to be translated!

[I heard a rumor that Zero Sum won't/didn't have "Loveless" in it this month...I hope that it isn't canceled as I NEED to know what happens to my favourite character...]

I can't wait to cosplay Kio this Summer! 

George Micheal's "I Want Your Sex" just started playing in RealPlayer...seriously it reminds me of Kio...Armie and I once wondered if that song and "You Think You're a Man" from Full Frontal were Kio songs. 

Deleted most of the new Kio user-pictures I uploaded and replaced them with pictures from Volume 6's special part.

Have decided besides perv!Kio & serious!Kio I like drunk!Kio [or even Kio with cans of beer, as-per the vol6 special part and his massive cooking] too XD


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