Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

TV meme

Swiped from hisensei808 

1. what's your favorite TV show? 

If I can include anime then my favourites are "Hunter x Hunter" & "REC". If you mean live-action then "CSI: Miami", "Highlander", "Doctor Who", "StarTrek: The Next Generation", "Law & Order" [pre-Jerry Orbach's death], "StarTrek: Deep Space Nine" [I like TOS too, but haven't seen it for a long time so it's kinda fuzzy], and recently "Reaper" & "Kindred: The Embraced". I am also a avid watcher of "Hockey Night in Canada" when the Vancouver Canucks are playing! Also the cartoon "Cybersix"...and the English "Samurai Pizza Cats"...

2. what's your favorite snack while watching tv? 

Tea...but that's not really a snack...I like to eat apples, cheese & crackers? That's my favourite snack. I love to stuff myself with pizza & dark pop while watching hockey though!

3. who's your tv crush? 

Mithos from "Highlander" used to be. I had a thing for the large-nosed boy from "Whistler" (I find what I call 'Greek noses' attractive). The Ninth Doctor personality-wise...he is just so flaily and odd at times...which I find attractive ^^; ["Doctor Who"]. I used to crush on this contestant Rob from "The Mole 2"...he was a magician. I used to like future!Trunks [DBZ]. I find Revy from "Black Lagoon" sexy...I thought Paris Hilton was hot at one time...Kio is a sex-pot, but I'd rather be like him than date him...though I bet it would be fun *chuckles* ["Loveless"]. Ouka from "dotHack".

4. where's your favorite place to watch tv? 

On the couch upstair in my dorm-townhouse. Also laying in my bed on my 1970's TV set :3


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