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I thought I had finally gotten mostly better.

Had a panic attack Sunday, didn't get to sleep till early in the morning so stayed home from class.

Had a panic attack this morning too. Got 4 hours of sleep before Art History. Had a break-down while with Marsha like I almost always do.

I still get the familiar feeling (when I thought everything was good) when with her and thus I just want to cry because of how everything went to hell. I hate feeling like this.

The only thing that got me through being in Wal*Mart was looking at men's pinstripe pants and thinking about formal!Kio...everything just seems like such work at times and I would rather be in bed. Though if I'm in bed I have a chance of waking-up with a panic attack for a 3rd night in a row.

I feel like crap right now. I really need a hug-hug I think irl.

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