Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Bloodlines 04-08-2007

So I decided to buy a fire-axe since it's Lethality is 12 and my highest melee weapon is only 9.

I was asked by Fat Larry to go steal a suitcase from the Tong [he said he noticed I was buying from him regularly and not just like someone trying to guard their property). I loved how he discribed what he was looking for! It was this convoluted discription that ended in 'yojimbo' :D I said sure!

So I snuck-in. I love using the ventilation man! Seriously I'm glad I play MGS.

So I made it to the brief case. I first thought I may have to steal it from this thug via a steal kill, but I decided to explore further since I could see another group on the other side of the 4th garage level.

I'll be taking your carelessly left breifcase tonight~♪

I did it undetected :3

Well almost 100% undetected. I did slit some guy's throat who was smoking as I didn't see a way around him at the time.

So I also with my madd-skillz-yo manage to sneak-out -not via the ventilation- without being seen!

Seriously Fat Larry made me crave a steak sooo bad. Like if I have one in the freezer I need to cook it this evening for supper. If I don't I need to make some-sort of hamburger-patty (not junkie Patty) dish. I was literally on the brink of drooling. I so wish I could have taken him up on his offer ;____; *le sigh*

I think I'd like to re-play this quest just to see if I could get around killing the smoking-guy. I may just since I saved just before entering :D 

I'm debating taking Pisha's quest now while I'm back in the Downtown...should I? I still don't like the idea of sending the poor man to be eaten just because she slipped-up in her 'food harvesting'...

[will continue after I get back from shopping] 

Did Trafik again :D 5mins to get to the man I have to kill [didn't slit his throat this time, I broke his neck blood ^^;]. 10mins after that to steal the briefcase. Then the hard part...escapeing unseen. Took me almost 35mins -___-; but I bet the looks on the faces of the Tong & the gang were priceless :D 

"Where did the briefcase go?" 
"Wait! A Tong is dead!" 
"You planned to steal the case all along right? Didn't want to pay!" 

So now I am taking a break since I am weighing doing Necromatic or not...

[will continue once I decide what to do...] 

Tried playing a character with only 1 the hell do you feed in Santa Monica?! My only plan was to follow a chick down to the Gimble entrance and then I only got like 1/3 full. After I did the medical clinic area I was short after using Blood Buff a lot so I had to resort to crawling down to the sewers and finding as many rats as I could D: [as you can see if I can't seduce I'm useless playing this game] I was scared I was going to Frenzy (I have no idea what triggers it, but I'm guessing going a long-time without feeding while low on blood). I'm glad my main game is a 6 Seduction Toreador~
Tags: bloodlines, v:tm

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