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Bloodlines 04-07/08-2007 Dr.Grout

Yep decided to make a separate entry for this area.

I recieve this Quest from La Croix.

So yes I arrived and Nines came out acting all weird & spacey. [The can't save while in Frenzy is that I can't save while in a cutscene. The Frenzy bit I found-out from Activision is what they used to keep your character still during a no player can ever say they didn't Frenzy once :P]

Here are the 'out-of-sorts' & 'something doesn't seem right' Quest Log updates.

So I entered and instead of shotgunning the insane-laughing-chick; I decided to sneak-up and feed on her...yeah I tried to stealh kill, but I messed-up so I fed >.> I ended-up doing this everytime I could sneak-up on one of the female experiments.

I could guess that Dr.Grout had some issues when I saw the wall of clocks [wall-o-clocks]. There is also this weird painting on the wall.

I have no idea what this cluttered pile of furniture represented. Art? It was easy to get-around, so it can't have been to block the hallway.

There was a small cutscene of one of the male 'experiments' having a grand-time playing with this candle on the wall. I shot him and explored the room.

There was a note (written on a yellow-pad like I use o_o) on one of the tables about Perception, Mind, & Time. I think I must have figured-out the puzzle alright (that I pull Time 1st, then Perception, then Mind), by the little icons for each of the candles on the wall (Time candle is shown).

Dr.Grout had left voice-recorders all over his mansion. Most were about his 'research' ans some were just cracked. He had a pleasent yet eerie voice. Very well-spoken.

So I continued in and came acrossed this corpse proped-on a couch. It looked like he had died eating himself...and his legs were messed-up, like the had decomposed or were prosthetics.

This was not to be the last strange corspe I would find.

This is I'm assuming 'John' one of Dr.Grout's experiments that ate his own arm and escaped into the ceiling. Dr.Grout refered to him like a hamster that was probably making a terrible mess up there.

This was one of the male experiments that was sitting on the couch, I expected it to attack me, but I assumed it was dead. I also saw other of the doctor's experiments that were dead.

The half-man that was lying on a table, & another weird-legged corpse.

A odd photograph I saw.

There were these strange blood-red stairway-rooms. They really effected my motion-sickness as I was climbing them, as I got dizzy.

They led to this walk-way with nice views.

A pile of chairs...that I jumped-on for a few minutes...

I came to this room with what I though were mirrors. I found-out they were portholes. I had to use a switch on the fake fireplace to enter the other section.

There was a room with another candle puzzle. I actually activated the switch via the bookcase (I think anyway, as I couldn't do the puzzle) when I first entered, because I saw a hidden lever in it.

This is the 'balcony room' which I found rather pretty. [which also had a hatch to the ladder I found when I first entered -which I thought was strange...a ladder leading to nowhere but the ceiling- that was on the first floor.

From the first floor I entered this hallway that I could here sparks coming from the end of.

I had to solve a Zelda-esk electricity puzzle using the levers on the wall...why they said "open" & "closed" instead of "on" & "off" I'[m guessing has to do with the breakers.

After this I saw a weird -but interesting- door-way.

Also I came acrossed this room that was blocked by clutter. I shot the experiments in this room with my revolver from a safe distance.

There was this 'medical' room that I have no wish to know what 'procedures' occured there. I did score some blood though! [I'm assuming by Dr.Grout's distrust of his fellow Elders that this is his own blood.]

I guess this is where Dr.Grout kept his experiments and observed them. I wonder what went-on in the room with the dead(?) female & that male... [was it some weird messed-up mating experiment?] There was also another half-man.

This was just odd (and no I didn't purposely hit 'F' I meant to move with 'D'). The wheelchair & a dead femal experiment. Did she fall from the hole in the ceiling?

I ate the rats here to help heal some damage...just be polite and pass my Toreador the salt.

There was this strange room, with this encased objects surrounding what I guess to be Dr.Grout's wife (who he preserved to try and cure later, after he felt they were safe). I wonder what they were encased in? It seemed gel-like or polymer...

While trying to examine the woman in the center, I discovered that she was only visible from certain angles, and I couldn't see her face --not even in the cutscene after I activated the gramaphone.

I wonder what-the-fuck went-on here...staked & chanined to the bed and then lit on fire...but the matress was unharmed...and I don't see any windows so he wasn't 'staked & baked'...[the Sabbat that captured me planned on doing that to me...] It doesn't seem like Nines would kill someone this way, but the way he was acting....

I forgot to mention the explosion I heard when I entered the room with Dr.Grout. After I ran out I was met with 'something like Johanne...Green-something' Bach. He thought I was Dr.Grout...and he set the place on fire...

The whole place was on fire, and I had to shotgun a few 'flamming' (seriously they were on fire though) experiments.

There was another explosion that blocked my path back.

I escaped the blaze by jumping-out a window.

I still don't think my Toreador is that attractive...I named him 'Zinnian' anyway though as I had planned.

I got a picture of a plane.

I tried for awhile to get onto this porch. I thought I needed to re-enter the mansion as I didn't meet Bach again.

I heard about the fire on the news when I got back...and I also had recieve another odd e-mail...I think it was from 'The Brotherhood of The Ninth Circle' as it mentioned sacrificing a 'Bishop'.

I also ran to The Last Round to see about Nines...I don't care for the Anarchs that much, but I am fond of Nines & Jack.

[to be continued in my 04-08-2008 Bloodlines entry]

Also my character is wondering dev's thoughts on his late-Primogen?

(atleast everything will be taken-care-of by the fire...hopefully I am all that escaped...)
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