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I wrote a facfic! ^_^;

Behind the LJ cut is something that may scare you or something along those lines.... It is a Sheik/Link fic, though it is not finished.... Behold my crappy writing skills! *watches as people cower in fear* O_o sorry mah peeps.

A crappy unnamed fanfic, by T3h_Sheikan

Title: none as of yet
Author: me ^_^;
Series: Legend of Zelda OOT
Rating: PG-13 just a bit of reference to Sheik’s body not much though
Summary: Link is thinking about Sheik so far.
Notes: I have not finished this yet, but I might not ether. I believe Sheikypoo is a guy for various reasons including I dislike Zelda. And in this fic he is a guy, so no Zelda is Sheik you stupid fangirlish idiot.

Link sat next to the waterfall in Kokori village, deep I thought. He had half forgotten the events he had gone though, destined to go though during the time that was this time if Ganondorf had made it to power 7 years ago. Link hadn’t really forgotten he just chose not to remember certain things. Zelda and the other sages were going to send him back as though northen had happened, but they decided to leave him with his memories incase darkness threatened the land. He wished he had forgotten some things though and yet he clung to the memories of others. He sought to remember one person in particular. He longed to remember the feeling of his arms around him. The heat of his lithe body. The softness of his lips. Link most of all longed for the sheikah warrior. Zelda had revealed herself as being Sheik, but link knew she wasn’t really. He knew she had fallen in love with him. He felt though that this was not the real reason for her pretending. Link still wanted to have a small light of hope. The idea that Sheik had died, the man he had given his heart to, sent shivers of sadness though the hero. Link knew Sheik was probably alive now, because those years never really happened, at least not to anyone but him and the sages. It was better that way. Even if Sheik was alive, he had never even saw Link before. To Sheik Link doesn’t eve exist. At least the thought of Sheik being ok, though Linkless comforted him enough to live though each day, and each lonely night.

Link pictured Sheik’s body as he lay on top of him at Lake Hylia. He decides it best if he leave the eyes of the fairy people for awhile. Link walked in the half daze he was accustomed to these past few years. Somehow he winded up on a cliff at the foot of the Death Mountain trail. The view allowed him to see all of Kakariko Village. The hero lay down on his stomach sleep close for once. A tear escaped down Link’s face as he whispered “I love you Sheik...” trailing off as sleep finally took him.

So how did you like it? Crappy I know, but oh well I wrote it in like a half hour saturday night and friday night.

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