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Bloodlines 04-07-2007

Checked-out the Elizabeth Dane. Finally got to see what the Thin Bloods look like! [E doesn't not look like I thought he would]

Now I being a player of MGS easily got the info I needed without being seen ['cept by the first officer, that I told I was a reporter...though intimidating him was sooo tempting, I didn't as he was a police officer and I don't usually threaten anyway...I think that may have been my first green text actually] I loved the poster that had something like "don't dis tha FUNK" on it :3

After I saved I decided to go further MGS style and explore. This resulted in 2 stealh killings and me getting a first-hand view of the cargo (I used Auspex on it, but only could see the police officers' auras through it) :D (then I ran around all flaily in front of the police officers with Celerity until I was killed)!

So after I checked my e-mail [remember not to touch the butter! Even if it tasted like margarine~] I went back to Downtown LA.

I was met by the girl I saved at the medical clinic --Heather Poe. She wanted to help me in anyway she could. I told her I was glad she was looking better, but that I only saved her life and she should leave. I even threatened her, and she still was all "I love you! Let me live with you!" I told her to have a good life and to leave me alone. Thus she left in the direction of the street --I ran into Ventrue Tower.

I got a cut-scene about how ether Dr.Grout -the Malkavian Primogen- is missing or has forgotten how to answer his phone. [I found that funny...(I think La Croix tried to make a joke)]

My new Haven is awesome!~♥ [I so want a place like this in real-life someday!~]

I think this new bed will see a lot of action X3 *snickers*...That painting is similar to one I have in real-life, mine is by a 'Goodwin'.

Decide(s) I was too curious and had to go use Auspex on the cabby...

Well if I remember correctly Purple means ether Aggressive or Excited...whatever it means I don't like the looks of it.

So while I was playing, I decided to take a peek of Dr.Grout's house to see what my adventures tomorrow will hold.

What the hell? Nines was acting all weird. I need to get a screenshot of my Quest Log that has that Nines seems 'out-of-sorts' & 'something doesn't seem right here'. Like Nines was all "No." when I asked him something, and then he just acted all polite and he wasn't talking to me at all.

I decided to explore the outside before I went in.

This lantern was on the ground & lit for some reason...

Kinda pretty, but somewhat eerie.

I GOT STUCK ON THIS PATCH OF GROUND FOR A FEW SECONDS!!!!!! *points* I have no idea if it was just a glitch, but I walked-over this spot and couldn't move or jump or anything, like I could look around, I was just stuck.

I have no idea what is up with this rat, but it was just sitting there. It was making noises so it wasn't dead, but it wasn't scurrying like most of the rats I have seen was just sitting there facing the wall. [Is it the same thing wrong with Nines, or is Nines being spoken to by someone in his head?]

I entered.

I met this oddly-dressed chick who was laughing to herself in the corner. I went over thinking I had to talk to her...she leap at me and attacked me with a knife! D: I think before I play this part I am going to need more ammo...yet again...I love you Mercurio & Fat Larry & Trip...Yeah so I ran and got attacked by some guy in like a face muzzle! I ran to the end of the room and back and tried to open a locked door before I was killed. I definatly will need more shotgun shells if it is going to be like this...

Speaking of Malkavians I just remember this** painting that Lane showed us, that reminded me of Malkavians?

[will continue when I am done class tomorrow] 

Here is the wraith of Bloodlines...I.E. action games make me drink/need cafeine.

8 cans in 5 be truthful 2 of those cans were from when I watched Hockey Night in Canada...I did drink the can of San Pellegrino while playing The Elizabeth Dane level. I should also mention that this case of Pepsi I have had since Febuary...and I hardly ever drink pop; 'specially dark pop.

[will continue after I pack my art supplies]

[Continued here**]

**"Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X

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