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Bloodlines 04-06-2007

No more glitches! (*knocks on wood*) [I thought I had the latest driver for my NIVIDIA video-card, as I just updated around Valentine's Day. Guess I was wrong after reinstalling DirectX for the 3rd time I decided to re-check the updates. No more graphical glitches! Though my RealPlayer has had the music shuffled-all-up in a weird order now.]

Now I got to see Brother Kanker in all his 'glory' and be creeped-out by his looks not just his creep voice.

I was running around with Celerity reloading like I did with Jezebel, and had him with 3/4 of health. I got backed-into the corner, and I was safe! He couldn't get in and I was free to shot him at close-range!

Here is a 'shot of him 'appearing' & a screenshot of the chasm I managed to jump on my 3rd try at it.

So then I went to a place called 'The Crackhouse'. I don't know what kind of 'crack' the level-namers were smoking, but all that place has is a cult & zombies biach. Now people should warn me when I have to go fight zombies ;___; I hate zombies even more than I hate olives [and I can tell what they are from the noises they make before I even see them lurching-about...]. I REALLY need to buy more ammo for my shotgun, as I ran-out there and got attacked by 3 zombies while tring to switch to my revolver...Fat 'what-is-his-name' here we come! [I saved just after I bought some shells, so I'll load that save and buy a lot more] I also drank from that poor cirl there, which I regreted as I am probably now carrying the plague...good thing I didn't save.

Lastly before I go to bed, here is a picture of before I would go invisible at Confession while dancing.

[will continue this when I play tomorrow, bed for me now] 

Here are 2 .MP3s I captired of the conversations with Jezebel Locke & Brother Kanker [so I can convey how creepy they are...'specially the "fleeeaaassh" part with Brother Kanker]

I am now off to hunt zombies with a shotgun (after I visit Fat Larry yet again). 

What the hell! I used up 56 shells and they still kept coming D: I tried using a baseball bat but that didn't do too much good against a whole hoard of them x__x and my revolver's ammo got used-up too...What the hell am I supossed to do?

Yes the severed arm is 2 points more lethal than the bat...but  am refusing to use it unless I am feeling morbid...and knifing the zombies is out-of-the-question -___-;

Yes I did get the "BRAINS!" bit when I first got attacked o_o; [how does eating a vampire's brains work anyway? Would it make super-strong-Ghoul-zombies? Or would the brain count as already dead?]

[will continue once I figure-out what to do...and buy more shotgun shells...]

Well I decided to be flaily and just run while exploring, only shooting what got up-in-my-face. This lead me to a brief sanctuary in a room via a hole in the floor. I jumped down and ran until I got to a weird set of doors. Behind them I met batshit Bishop Vick.


I am having problems defeating him. It is shotgun vs. shotgun, also I do believe he is using Celerity too...this may take awhile --luckily I saved just before entering....

In a fit of "I have no idea what to do!" I decided to shotgun the zombies, and then attack Bishop Vick head-on. It seems it worked lovely :3 Knifed him with a mix of Blood-Buff & Celerity [because Celerity makes it so much easier to dodge].


Now I am heading back to Santa Monica to my lovely ladies, and to check-out The Elizabeth Dane.

Taxi! [yes I know I am supossed to ride in them, not go car surfing...]

I also must say the Regent is growing-on me. [though the item he gave me reminds me of bunny-ears attached to a bag of blood...]

[to be continued...]
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