Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Bloodlines 04-04-2007

Decided to keep exploring what I found-out is a abandoned hospital. Discouvered that it is what I am guessing to be a Nagaraja...a messed-up Nagaraja that appears to eat more than she needs to, and is very....gruesome with it. She goes by the name of a old lover; Pisha. I told her that I'd go get Millton (so I could escape from her), but I told him to run-like-hell D: I felt bad that the door was locked and I couldn't save goth-guy...[I didn't save, because I plan-on finishing with Jezebel Locke first].


Speaking of the 'Oh. My. Fuck. I hate that bitch' Jezebel Locke, I am having a hard time beating her. I think I may need to return to Fat Joe (is that is name?) and get some more ammo for my 12-gauge...I can only get her down to about 1/3 health with what I have now. I can't do very good with melee ether. My revolver isn't very lethal on Kindred, so I'm stuck to my shotgun....

Yes she tried to seduce me...but Toreadors are not easily seduced...'specially by creepy disease-carrying sluts/freaks. "Little Morsel"

I shall have to try and beat the Plaguebearer(s?) tomorrow as I am exhausted for tonight.

I took some 'shots of Hannah's appointment book. Vandal just went-up in my batshit&creepy books D:
Yeah I wish I had done this part before killing Patty, I think I may have gained some Humanity from it...

Nines! [I think he is attractive, and really does the character of Depression-era-guy-in-the-present well]

I also have a feeling I don't have to play as a Camerilla because of the answers I can give the Anarchs...I personally find LaCroix to be a prick, but I still would rather take the Camerilla over the Sabbat or the Anarchs...eventhough they have Smiling Jack and Nines who keep helping me!

Here is a screenshot of the Regent, I plan to take a ALT+PrtScn one when I see him next to show just how shiney he looks to me >.>

[will continue this tomorrow]
Tags: bloodlines, v:tm

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