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Bloodlines 04-03-2007

I used Seduction to get the information about Hannah's work from her >.> [I've also gotten 1 willing chick in Confession, and 2 in The Asylum. I also had that "I'm waiting for a car mechanic." guy as part of my 'Herd', until he disappeared after the Warehouse mission ;___; I am afraid to drink from most of the people in Downtown because of the sickness...] --Player!

I actually asked around the Homeless AND went to Skylines. I'm avoiding the sewers though because I fear glitches like from Santa Monica. [EDIT---> They due cause the glitchs D:]

Is it wrong I only feel bad about killing (I drained her >.>) Patty because I lost 2 Humanity for it? Like I even thought about knifing her, but that would leave too much blood. Shooting would make a noise, and thus get those thugs on my case (they are the worst thugs ever! They watched a chick dressed in designer clothes walk into a dark alley, and just went back to smoking D:). Then again I could get in trouble with Kent Ryan Allen later-on for draining her because of the handiwork....I should have punched her....

Of course I talked to her before I killed her, so she would have a chance to be scared and run ^^;

I 'took care' of Boris :3

I love the sneaky parts where I can do stealh killings, and wield my sexy 'Saturday Night Special'. (I didn't punch this guy to death, I just switched to 'unarmed'. The first time I did this I shotguned him >.> but I went back and found I could talk to him, and that gunshots wouldn't alert anyone so I Reloaded and shot him with my revolver...)

Here is a steath killing I did that reminded me of MGS3...only I'm hotter than Naked Snake :P [I wish I had gotten a screenshot of the one from The Empire Hotel that I did without a knife]

Also part from the warehouse, I loved sneaking on the beams :D [though once I was found I had to fight my way out and avoid a rabid Sabbat Kindred, and I used a bloodpack :( ]

Who says it is un-Toreador-like to crawl in through the ventilation?

I call this 'chair-sex' & 'stacked-chairs', but yes I decided to start hucking-around the office-chairs when after I killed Boris...whose blood you can see in the background...

This is Venus, who I like & who runs 'Confession' a night-club in Downtown LA.

I find the shirt-less S&M guys at the night-clubs creepy (S&M I don't find creepy, and handcuffs are one of my kinks), but atleast they seem to be having fun dancing with each other ^^;


After meeting the 'Oh. My. Fuck. I hate that bitch' Jezibel Locke (I hope that she isn't Toreador, or I'll be even more pissed at my own clan if she is), I decided to Reload and check-out the sewers. I didn't find anything, but it makes believe that there are/were 2 possible outcomes to the story. Ether kill the one in the sewer or take the 'less dirty' route and go to the 'client'. I found a picture in the Millton appartment of a Nosferatu, I wondered if the sewer Plaguebearer is/was Nosferatu (though from Tin Can Bill's discription, I considered Tzimisce...but I'm sure Bill wouldn't have lived unless they wanted him to...) Anyway doing a suprise side-quest after emerging from the sewers and entering a building (which I thought was the constuction-site I was to when I first arrived in Downtown). I got ran-up to by some wacko ghost-hunting TV show guy. I decided to investigate, but I doubt it really is a ghost. I saw this guy in red behind the clutter and used Auspex on him [aura yet again, though that doesn't mean much...after Ocean House], then I tried to jump over the clutter and got a mini-cutscene showing said red-track-suit-guy screaming and then he was gone when I looked again. I crawled through the vents and then it started glitching really bad [the same graphical problem from at The Pier & The Sewers]. So I only quick-saved. I think I'll finish the Jezibel Locke problem first then go back to this -what looks to be a hospice- dump.

I also heard Deb of Night's radio-show being played from Apartment #4 in Skylines...

Though my whole speculation will probably be proven wrong in the end, but I find it fun to post my idea and then compare them to the facts I find-out when done :3

And I think the Jewish homeless women resemble The Sherif somewhat >.> I also can't find a dance-thing in The Empire Hotel so I can boogie D:

Also the Tremere's Regent is very creepy, and I think they are more like Tzimisce then they know D: [I need to find another adjective besides 'creepy' to start I don't hate them, I'm not scared of them, I just am off-feeling about them] --I have deemed LA Regent the Squeaky Regent because he looks to be dressed in shiney vinyl, and must make sqeaky-noises when he walks >.> (then again I'm not Tremere so I am not privy to their secrets such as what noise the Regent makes when he walks....)

[Will update as I continue tomorrow]

Tags: bloodlines, v:tm

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