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Seriously Ocean House is scaring the shit out of me. Like I even jumped when the front light blew, so I took that as a "Oh shit, I hope I can do this!" [I have no remorse for threatening Terese now, and insulting her. Also from the Jeanette 'sex' clip, I no longer am upset that Terese was getting bad-mouthed at all. I'd like to demand a fuck-load of money for agreeing to this. I've done enough for Tung after defeating that Asian vampire! /rant <---I distingush them as it is a Malkavian.]

I've seen 2 ghosts, and been smaked by a flying lamp...I hear something liek a music box, foot-steps, and "He is here, he is watching us." at times. I fell though the steps!

I thought "Hey, I used to play Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Reqium, I should be able to handle this..." but I was wrong.

Seriously. I hope I don't have to be there long ;___; 

I'm also getting this weird grapihcal error at The Pier. I'm scared I'll start getting it here (though would that be a bad thing?), and thus making it hard to find something of the spirit's...


Got the power turned-on. Saw this figure with a bloody ax in the boiler room. I used Auspex to see if it had a aura or if it was like the other ghosts. It had a aura and it continued to show that it had a aura right up until I walked up to it and it disapeared.

I lightened it as best I could. I'm playing with a high Gamma so it is brighter than the screenshots right now (because I want it as light as I can for this level!).

I love how things keep trying to kill me D: 


Ghost girl that keeps flickering around, screaming, and one part she is running for her life. Here she points to a room I am supossed to enter. 

OH SHIT!!!!! I just managed to jump out of the way of the elevator falling on me!
And we are done!

Last time to see the sunshine.

I thought here was beautiful.
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