Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

PortCon2008 cosplays~

Since Armie & Kun posted their's today here is what I have for PortConMaine2008;

Kaido Kio from "Loveless" [for probably Thursday, but whatever day Armie wears Ritsuka],
Formal!Kio [for the formal if I can find something nice :3 I'm thinking pin-stripe pants & purple vest & bowtie and a dress-shirt],
Andromeda Shun from "Saint Seiya" [no idea what day for him. Maybe the Rave?],
Killua Zaoldyeck from "Hunter x Hunter" [for HxH day. I was going to try and get a Leorio together, but Armie really wants twin!Killuas, and I am to please :D],
Yoshitaka Waya [if I can find a wig & style it, then I'll have this to go with Armie's Isumi or Akira. I'm going to go for the outfit he had with the blue over shirt and muted forest camo t-shirt...I'll try and get a screenshot...]

I still wanted to cosplay Lestat, but we shall see ^^;

I'm thinking this wig for Waya. It's from Perihair the same as my Kio wig so it should be s'lright :D [I'd have to buy it from the Perihair site as that one ends in 10hours]!

Tags: portcon

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