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'The Convoluted Route'

I am putting this here as a reminder and a further explaination of the way I would have to travel to get to Portland, ME on July 3rd earlier in the day than between 8:30pm-9pm.

Yarmouth NS ---> Bar Harbor ME via The Cat,
Bar Harbor for the night at The Robbins Motel,
Bar Harbor ---> Bangor via Bar Harbor Shuttle,
Bangor ---> Portland via Concord Trailways

Now as-for the Departure & Arrival times;

Canadian Atlantic = GMT-4

July 2nd;
Arrive in Yarmouth from Bridgetown at 3pmCanadian Atlantic,
Depart Yarmouth at 4:00pmCanadian Atlantic for Bar Harbor,
Arrive in Bar Harbor at between 7-7:30pmEST,
grab supper (or bring something with me :3) & something for breakfast the next day (the site I saw recommendations for had breakfast included but the owner says that now they only offer free coffee),
take taxi to Robbins Motel,
July 3rd;
Depart from Robbins Motel at 9:00am via Bar Harbor Shuttle for BangorEST,
Arrive in Bangor at the Concord Trailways Terminal around 10:30amEST,
Depart Bangor for Portland at ether 11:15amEST or 3:15:pmEST (depending what bus I catch),
Arrive in Portland at ether 1:30pmEST or 5:30pmEST

The prices;

ferry ticket = $80USD,
motel = $58USD,
taxi = $12 flate-rate,
shuttle = $27USD,
bus ticket = $25USD

And a note to myself --the websites & phone numbers;

The Cat; 902-566-3838,
Bar Harbor Shuttle; 207-479-5911,
Robbins Motel; 800-858-0769 [or 207-288-3918],
Concord Trailways; 800-639-3317,
At Your Service Taxi; 207-288-9222

I'm actually liking the sounds of this route as I could tourist-around a bit in Bar Harbor. However I need to ask Wendy's & June's thoughts on this, and see about booking things with my MasterCard (pre-paid MuchMusic MC)

I of course would be taking The Cat from Portland back to Yarmouth, whenever it is I would be leaving America --The Cat departs Thursday-Sunday at 8:00amEST so I'd like to be there at 7:00amEST. 


Seems ok with June, haven't talked to Wenni yet. [I'm actually thinking this would be fun] 


Wendy has declared I would get lost in Portland, and should still consider taping a sign with 'Maine" on it to my tent and going there >.> She is joking of course. Really this is the thing I have to look forward to :3 and I need to visit Lenny if possible for her.


My current cell-phone number: 780-830-6270
My Nova Scotia house number (I won't be there till April 25th): 902-665-4571

I'll post my new cell-number when I change it to a NS one :3
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