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What would you like me to post about? #01

"Do you believe that love conquers all? why or why not?"____hisensei808 <

Yes & No.

Now I've recently had a terrible break-up, and so my whole 'Romantic Love' notion is completely shattered. While I don't technically believe that it was just pity and that the whole 4 years were a lie, I still have that at the back of me head. I'm actually scared to fall deeply in love with someone again, and yet I'm craving it like whoa.

I tried to move-on, and I was all set to ask someone out. Sadly she turned-out to be straight and thus that was aborted and eventhough she was my 'type' I was forced to abandon my first crush in such a long time. I have another one now, but I think that one will pass. I'm also rather smitten with Drew the Security Guy. Hot, funny, loves anime & manga like me, loves video-games, cosplays, and is still in his 20's. Sadly I have no idea if he is single or what, and I'm moving the 24th of April anyway.

I'm off the topic however.

I think love is strong as can be. I've had the friendship of Armadei and it just seems to get me through anything. I'm finding that with Kun too, but I'm still not as close to her. With this sever depression I've had and the events that have caused it, Armadei has been there for me. I'm now feeling vibrant again and like myself and it's all thanks to them and the other people I know online.

"You're precious to me and I love you. I'm very glad I met you and the
 mark you've made in my life won't change no matter what the future holds.

"I  wish I could find better words to say right now. -hugs- I'm proud of you for hanging in there as tightly as you have been. You should be proud too.

PortCon is only months away... just four months. With how quickly 2008 has been passing us by, it's only a matter of time before it pops up in our faces."____Kun

I was thinking last night that everything would be alright as long as
 you, Kun, and myself never fell into depression at the same time. You've
 both been incredible at being able to pull me out of my anxiety and
 frustration, but when I'm not so focused on myself and on getting through
 the next few school days anymore, my difficulties seem rather mundane
 compared to what you two have experienced.

 We'll pick up the pieces together, even if our fingers get cut along the
 way, even if the result isn't quite the same as the original was. And the
 result won't be the same; the fragments shift with experience. But it is
 possible to create something even more beautiful and harmonious than

Everytime I read the first one I start crying. I don't even know why. It's just so...I don't know the word...but it makes me feel important. I've never met Armie face-to-face, hugged her (which I so want to do), and it seems like I've only know her a short time; but she is the person I would consider my best-friend, or atleast my closest. I've never felt this way for anyone before, this connectedness. It makes everything seem like it will work-out in the end.

I can't wait for PortCon and then New Hampshire. I really want to get to know Kun better. I can't wait to do all this stuff we have planned and just hang-out. I get so lonely now, and that will all be gone in July. This Summer is my goal. I REALLY want to book my ferry ticket, and I'll most likely be arriving in Portland Maine on July 3rd around 4pm. Then it's cosplay, cosplay, cosplay, hanging-out, and just fun. I have a ticker on my profile counting-down to it :D

So I think love can get someone through anything, but the more selfless kind. [I'm too lazy to type out all the philosophical things I've said about friendship in the past, but I think true friendship is the purest type of love.]


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