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Weird dream o_o;

Trippy-ass dream caused by the slight fever I have (my normal is 96 and this is 100.2). I never really have 'bad' dreams when I have a fever (I did not take my pill last night as I was tired anyway, and thus didn't need it). The worst dream I can remember that I've had while being sick (excluding the TRIPPY-AS-HELL one involving a bounce-tent and dwarfs&gnomes&stuffed animals where everything wouldn't stop spinning, and I had a knitted afghan...) was the one where I was shot in the stomach for being caught as a spy. I died in that I guess I've disproved the 'die in a dream, die in real-life' thing. Also my fever dreams are very vivid (like I can feel textures).


Last night's dream had me as Zinnian (I have not had a me-as-Zinn dream in several months). I should back-track and say that I did not start-out this dream as Zinn. I started out as a young Tremere (which was odd, as it seemed that we aged as time went and that it was a school of some-sort). I thought I was this other girl who I remember being called Peryckle (I saw it written somewhere on her student folder, well her name was actually something like Magikle Pyerkin but her nickname was Perykle...see what I mean by trippy?). Anyway I thought I was her at first but we went down to the office (that was somewhere like the basement) and witnessed her Sire (who looked like The Witch of The Wastes, and was dressed as such) getting chopped to bits (which should have made me wake-up, but apparently it wasn't a nightmare o_o;) by the secretaries (who looked more like ghosts-mixed-with-Sin Scissors from DMC than vampires). It was like wailing from them and they had like meat cleavers [which I am totally blaming on the first part of "Black Lagoon" season 2, because of the serial killers in it (one of which weilds a axe)]. And there was blood everywheres but I wasn't scared (o_o;). Then the Sire yelled to Perykle to run, and she went to when one of the secretaries jumped over the desks and I'm guessing attacked her...but they were in the darkness and I'm not sure if they just took her somewhere or not. Anyway it was then that I discovered I was one of Peryckle's friends that was accompanying her. Everything seemed normal again, and I was asked why I was being so quiet. I was shown Peryckle's student folder and told that we were having guests that day from a few other Clans. That I should go meet the other vampires my age like a good little Tremere and I was sent-on-my-way.

The whole 'school' reminded me of The Bamarren Institute set-up in Hogwarts...and I felt more like Palandine than a Tremere.

I went-up to this turquoise portal-area-hallway-parlor and then I was Zinn waiting it line with 2 slightly younger fellow Toreadors. One was a girl and she had slightly curly hair. Zinnian didn't have much interest in her however. The other one was a guy and had longer blond hair like Zinn only brown eyes and was rather attractive. It seems I was on a quest to seduce him. I think the girl was somewhat jealous. I can't remember ether of their names, but I think the guy may have been Gregory-or-something-with-a-'g'... So we were going to be traveling and thus we had to go through this portal. Now the portal had a way of causing Demention when you were trying to more though it. So we were warned to keep our barrings and to go with the flow and not fight it or else we wouldn't make-it-through and would be lost (I'm not sure if whoever got lost was lost forever or just temporarily). Anyway I went through and it was turquoise and misty, but I found that I was walking on a black worn wooden platform (similar to a stage, with some of the wood showing through). I felt like I needed to leap to the platform above me and I did and felt like my hair was now in a samurai stlye and thus I had to hold it back (like the shaven, 'cept for the back style) to keep it out of my eyes. I noticed a few students had continued walking and were now lost under the above platform. I kept walking and found wooden steps. I wet-up then and found myself in a transit bus/train type area (everything went back to normal). I walked all calmy up to the front and took a seat acrossed from the male Toreador I fancied. I remember at first being disappointed that I couldn't sit next to him as the girl was there (was her name Megan?), but then decided sitting acrossed from him could work aswell. The seats were like wooden (with some having that funky bus upholstery on them, the rainbow carpet stuff) benches. Anyway I sat with my legs apart, one foot on the seat and a hand placed lightly on my hip. All strategic for my seduction. I got a funny look from one of the teacher who was seating at the very back seat (the one on the little platform). I keep staring at the guy I liked. I went to change my position and accidentally kicked his foot (he was sitting cross-legged). I said "Sorry 'bout that" (which was actually genuine and it was a accident). Then I decided I could use this and lent-down and lightly kissed his sneaker (I can still remember how the texture felt on my lips, that's how vivid these fever dreams get). It seems he got the point that I was interested in him then. He sat back and gazed at me licking his lips occasionally (and making kissy faces). I was quite excited by this but decided to just keep smirking and holding my somewhat slutty sitting position.

We arrived and I got called to a office. It seems they were wondering why I was at the school if I could already use my powers so well and expertly seduce. I told them that I was Embraced a couple of years ago and that I was here to learn. I then went into a whole back-story thing.

My Sire thought I was beautiful and needed to be preserved most definatly. So one night while I was walking home from class (I had been taking History, and studying the occult on the side) he jumped me. I fought realizing what he was and he dislocated both my shoulders and a hip. I think I also told them that he broke my arm and a leg too. I fought even after The Kiss but then started to pass-out. I tryed to fight him offering me his wrist, but I think it was like with Claudia (pushed in like trying to get a kitten to drink). Anyway I glared at him afterwards, chin covered in blood, all broken. "I'm sorry, you didn't turn-out like I thought." and just like that he let me drop and walked away. He knew I was still healing and couldn't follow him. He just abandoned me. I kept myself undercontrol because I knew what I now was. I stalked my first prey, who was very drunk and drank around 30% (blood-points?). I then sealed up the bite-marks and left him knowing that he'd forget and think that the extra headache & weakness was a hangover. I then promptly went to get my affairs together. I was lucky I had just moved to this city in British Columbia and had no family left.

I told the teachers that I survived on my own for about half a year until one encounter with a violent druggy gang, and one where I was chased by a guy in a trench-coat, wielding a elephant gun (also from "Black Lagoon"). I managed to escape by scurrying-up a fire-escape, and latching the top when I reached it. I then crawled into a ventilation duct and hid till the next night. I then was scared and went to a night club I knew had other vampires there (because I could sense them and see their paler auras). I went-up-to the bartender and told him that I would like to know where I could go. That I wanted to be able to protect myself and that I wanted to learn what I could do. He arranged a meeting with The Prince of the city to see about getting me adopted. I made a good impression and such and was scooped-up by a Ventrue named Vincent (which was borrowing from just_picture_me's character Vincent Camden who I used to role-play Zinnian with). I became very apt at firearms. It was because of Vincent that I moved to Santa Monica (where Armie and I are setting our Chronicle). There I went to be on my own and such and lost contact with Vincent. I decided I was too new to find my way in the city and so went in search of a partner-of-sorts. His name was never said but I;m pretty sure it was dev that I found, though I kept referring to him as being similar to "a white bat". I told the teachers that I came to this school in order to learn more Toreador-type things. They asked why I wanted to seduce my classmate so, and I told them that I didn't want to Diablerize him or anything. I just wanted into his pants. That I wanted to be his friend but I was lusting after him so bad that I couldn't try and get closer to him unless I got laid. That I'm sure we would get along afterwards. [and that; "I was bi' even before being a Toreador, thank-you very much." >.>]

I remember falling into a pile of raked leaves (in the daytime no less) with that male Toreador and then I woke-up.

I blame "Black Lagoon", 2 dreamless night caused by sleep medication, rambling about 'Vampire: The Masquerade' all weekend, "A Stitch in Time", and the fever.

I was unable to fall back asleep so I am now up for the day and will be leaving for class in a hour-or-so ^^; [I want breakfast!!!!!!!~♥]
Tags: v:tm, zinnian

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