Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Heather was a victim of manslaughter [my new plant] D:

 Marsha bought me a potted plant on Thursday. It was really pretty and had a lot of buds still left to open (and a few orange blooms aswell). It cost $12+tax. I named it Heather (because I name my plants...)

Last-night before I retreated into my room, I watered it and checked it and such. 

I go up tonight and someone had left the window open, thus killing my plant with the cold night air. When there is snow on the ground, perhaps it is best not to open a window and leave it, or atleast move Sarah's plant away from said window. 

Tomorrow at supper-time I am going to ask who left the window open, and ask to have my plant replaced as I only had it for 4 days.  

Sure just a plant and I'm moving soon, but still it was a waste. 


Not upset over it anymore as it perked-back-up mostly and has now been moved to the counter ^^;

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