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Doctor WhoxWallpapersxEaster

Thanks to Heather I'm on one of my "I want a Ninth Doctor action figure" kicks again. I shall put-it-off till I'm back in Nova Scotia however ^^; I also want to get one of those nifty TARDIS USB hubs :3 [for purely funtional reasons, including that all my USB ports are in use currently, and I have to un-plug something to plug-in my jump-drive...].

So I shall be ordering; a Ninth Doctor action figure, and a TARDIS USB hub, and most likely a Dalek figure as the online-store I found has them for $6USD...and maybe a sonic screwdriver ^^; [total $52.76USD+shipping]

But this is a later thing, and won't be done till after I'm bask East & after I book everything for PortCon2008 and such :3


I'm a sloth. I'm blah & lazy and apparently storing food as I'm not hungry and I've only had supper and a snack today, compared to yesterday's semi-gluttonish evening...


Armadei is full of win I must say repeatedly. Hopefully tonight will contain more crack however. Also I want more dev as I'm a dev fangirl :P [I want to draw him, but I don't have enough reference ;)]


I made some wallpaers for my phone :D [176pxX220px is the size that will fit good. 200pxX250px also works, but it a picture is too big my phone will crop only the top corner of it...]


The daffodil one I made for a more Spring-type wallpaer for my cell-phone, and the 3 Vampire: The Masquerade Clan ones I made...currently only the Toreador one is being used as my screensaver, but Armie likes Malkavian (I do too) & Tremere (which I find creepy and not very trustworthy...).

I went by the colours on the letterhead for these. I want to make the rest of the clans, but I'm having a hard time finding pictures of the letterhead so I know what colours to use. I do have pics of Brujah & Gangrel's letterhead so I'll make thise next. I want to make a Ventrue one though. [I have found another letterhead but I'm not sure what Clan...]


Oh and Happy Easter~!♥

I wish I had ham & pineapple sauce to eat...I'll have a ham sammich instead though ;___; and maybe some pineapple chunks with it...

I did cook a awesome dinner for myself Friday. Pork-roast with a maple-garlic glaze, a AWESOME salad (mixed greens, grated carrot, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, blueberries, bacon, cabbage, red onion, and poppyseed vinegarette), and some 'Uncle Ben's' rice. Chocolate-marble cheesecake for dessert with maple-syrup & blueberries. I'm having the last of it for lunch tomorrow ^^;

Tags: doctor who, malkavian, toreador, v:tm

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