Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Yeah talked to Jill (Register's Office) again and then Kim from The Housing Office. I won't get kicked-put from Residence aslong as I'm in 3 courses. And if I have yo drop Visual Fundamentals too then they can make a exeption aslong as I have my Medical Note and another form filled-out. And it won't look that bad as I am withdrawing due to medical reasons.

I'm just so damn sad I won;t get to get my Visual Arts diploma. I am also going to need to talk to Dr.Petryshyn because last sememter we made a deal about handing in my major course essay this semester. SAid essay never got beyond 800 words. I feel like I've lied to him. I'll go see him personally at his office instead of calling him or e-mailing him. Tell him to give me the failing mark I deserved last semester and that I'm withdrawling from his course. I wish I could withdrawl but still go to his class to take notes and just listin to his lectures.

I need to talk to Ms.Bowes about the project her & I were partnered with (Czech Republic Chess Pieces :D). I can get it done if I can work at home some [due to my sleep times being soooooo messed-up (I've not gone to bed yet at it is 10:30am. I got-up at 1:30pm yesterday after going to bed at 7:33am-ish that morning. I plan to sleep till 4:30-is today or later and return my library book this evening)]. I'm going to go see her after my return appointment with Joanne (Nurse Practicioner) about going on something to help me sleep at night.

I atleasr have done enough work for Ms.Bowes to get a D in the least, C-/C in the most for her class thus far if I do not manage to get caught-up or be allowed to work at home.

I WILL NOT HAVE TO DROP PROFESSOR BORSTAD'S CLASS!!!~~~~♥ [I.E. Art History = my favourite class]

I am alright in English [though I do have to take my essay to be edited sometime this or next week]. Last semester I did very little of the work and still passed so this semester where I am doing good I shall be fine ^^;

So yeah I won't be homeless if I drop what I can't pass due to not being agle to attend the studio classes due to this depression.

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