Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Garak & "Flawed Design" pt#001

Or 'Elim' as Garak seems to be the after-product of Elim.

Armie has commented that "Flawed Design" by Stabilo is a great Garak song. Now while the begining and the 'running home' part I still am only getting briefly in his homesickness [I still don't think Elim was all that honest what-with his constant planning to get his school-mates in trouble but not get caught himself]; the rest of the song seems quite well with "A Stitch In Time".

First I must say, I don't analyze books or shows very often. I am also not very familiar with "Deep Space Nine" as I watched "The Next Generation" instead and then again only for entertainment. [I still think analyzing things too deeply can ruin their I will think of "what does this mean?" instead of the enjoyment from the work as a whole --I blame that I'm a visual learner :P]

I do try and analyze Lestat as he is very much a mystery to me. I can not imagine a real person -even a vampire- acting or reacting like he does. He has such a presence of a being/creature of fiction, yet interacts with such reality with his movement that I STILL don't get him.

I am only on page 65 of "A Stitch In Time" as it is a book (like most books) that I have to be in the mood to read if I'm going to get anything from it (if not I just 'blur' over the words and forget most of the details afterwards...). Some books like "Howl's Moving Castle" just pull me in and I have to tear myself away from them. Others like "The Vampire Lestat" & "A Stitch In Time" I have to be in a certain mind-set to even pick-up. It's not a bad thing, it just has a extra challenge to it before I can really become absorbed :3

Also this rambly Sarah is only one that shows-up late at night or if something hits her (I call it my 'Tragic Garden' moments because of the 'o' shape my mouth makes when I'm hit with one....usually in Art History :P). This July should be very fun when I'm teamed with Armie who is often the one that puts the notion in my head that will develope until it hits me XD

The part that made me want to make a entry is;

"I looked from the pale, frozen faces of Three to the others. They all looked like statues commemorating fear. And I was pleased. I realized at that moment that they were in my control, and that I would no longer have any trouble with them. Especially Three. I felt power like a drug surging through my system. I also felt the increased distance between us that their fear created. I accepted this shift in out boundraries."

He is realizing how decieving (though in this not by words) can bring him power at the expence of his acceptance.

Also I like this Eight :3 [reminds me of Zinnian --looks liek a pansy but kicks ass in very few 'to the point' words]. I also like Five. I think FivexEight is a pairing *snerk*

I think Mila is a cute boy's name too.


Here is "Mad As We Are" from Erasure, eventhough it is one of my biggest AkuRoku songs [I really should make a FST...though it will be filled with Depeche Mode...].

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