Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

ramblings about cocktails again

Note to myself to remember this tasty thing;

3/4 Scott's Bros. Ice vodka cooler,
1/8 Rose's Grenadine,
1/8 orange juice

After this is a Rose's Shirley Temple :3 [no booze in it btw]


Yeah I skipped school again today. I went with Paul to get some groceries. I finally bought a bottle of Grenadine [and a wind-up toy called 'Disco Bot'~!!!]. I've been planning on for a long time, but have kept forgetting. Now I just need to get a bottle of vodka to turn my Schmooze into a Screw-Up. My favourite cocktail is a Screwdriver, but latley I've been liking Screw-Ups better. I also like Malibu mixed with almost any fruit juice.

A Schmooze is just orange juice & 7-Up, and it becomes a Screw-Up with vodka added.

The lovely Screwdriver is orange juice & vodka. 


Since it doesn't need it's own post, here is a clip from this badley typed (and I know bad typing, because I do it a lot) fanfic;

"Axel started to run his hand through Roxas’s chest until he touch Roxas’s manhood."

So cocks are INSIDE men's chests? [ether that or Roxas has a very hairy chest]


More from the same fanfic;

"He was close to his climax, Axel was 2, but he had to keep on going."



BTW the fanfic is called "Making Love in Japan", and is on

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